Chicken noodles are one of Indonesia’s most popular foods.
Indonesian for ‘mie ayam or bakmi ayam’, literally chicken noodles) is a common Indonesian dish of seasoned yellow wheat noodles topped with diced chicken meat). It especially common in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, and can trace its origin to Chinese cuisine.In Indonesia, served from simple travelling vendor carts frequenting residential areas, humble street-side warung to restaurants.

Preparation and serving

The yellow wheat noodle is boiled in water until it achieves texture and mixed in a bowl with cooking oil. The oil coats the noodle in order to separate the threads. The oil can be chicken fat or vegetable oil.
The chicken meat is diced and cooked in soy sauce and other seasonings including garlic, placed on the noodles, and topped with chopped spring onions (green shallots).
Bakmi ayam is usually served with a separate chicken broth and often wonton (pangsit) either crispy fried or in soup, and also bakso (meatballs). Additional condiments might include tong cay (salted preserved vegetables), fried shallots, leek, fried dumpling skin, pickled cucumber and birds eye chilli, and tomato ketchup.
Mie ayam “chicken noodle” can be served in two different variants, which are the common savoury or salty noodle (mie asin) and sweet noodle (mie manis). The sweet variant is often also called as mie yamin. For the sweet noodle, the cook will put additional sweet soy sauce kecap manis, so the appearance will be a little bit brownish.


Mie ayam sold by travelling vendor with wonton and bakso meatball. Other types of noodles such as bihun (rice vermicelli) and kwetiau (flat noodle) might be served in the same recipe instead of the bakmi. Kwetiau ayam (chicken kway teow) and bihun ayam (chicken bihun) refer to almost exactly the same recipe with mie ayam by replacing yellow wheat noodle with flat noodle or rice vermicelli. In Indonesia, the name is shortened to mie ayam or mi ayam. In Indonesia chicken noodles is often seasoned with soy sauce and chicken oil, made from chicken fat and spices mixture (clove, white pepper, ginger and coriander), and usually served with a chicken broth soup.