The company had been built firstly as a home industry for foods and beverages in the middle of year 2008. We keep good quality products, use fresh products, no preservative and with hygiene processing.

And we expand export the harvest, especially spices, cacao and coffee to another countries. The most of our destination export to Europe, Asia and others countries which need also these spices.

As we all know these crops, spices, cacao and coffee have amazing nutrition for our health, such as for food and drink ingredients, medicine, beauty, cosmetic, essential oils, etc.

Spices are the plants which only grow in the countries with 2 (two) seasons, rainy and sunny. Blessing, Indonesia is the richest country with these plants, because of its geographical location, crossed by equatorial latitude.

Our Visions

“Indulging you in endless creation of healthy, nutritious food and beverages from its ingredients”

Our Missions

“Healthy is our priority with keep the quality of our product in natural processing, hygiene storing and packaging”

Our Motto : “Health Food for Healthy Life”